I'm a small town Midwestern girl traveling the back roads surrounding my home, always in search of photo opportunities. I had to switch to taking nature and landscape pictures when my kids reached the age where they could refuse to be my photo subjects. A person can only have so many photos of their kids hiding their faces.

Then I began missing capturing the emotions and expressions of people, so I recruited some of my family and friends and their offspring to build my portrait portfolio. My portfolio includes seniors, families, sports, engagement and wedding pictures.

I try to approach my sessions with a natural and photojournalistic style. I believe it's important to practice letting things naturally develop, revealing people's true personalities, relationships and emotions. I want to simply capture you, your kids, or your family as you naturally are. But I do have a creative side that likes to be artistic in the post processing. So a lot of times you will see a photo that has been processed using unconventional colors or texture along side the natural image.

If you like what you see here and think I would be a good fit for uniquely recording your memories, email

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